HP Polymers is a custom manufacturer of polymers
for use in the coating, ink, plastic & textile industries. 

Our Mission

We design resin systems to specific requirements for each application.  All markets are impacted uniquely by the products we manufacture.

Company Profile

As a custom manufacturer of polymers with unique resin system formulation experience, our product capability is limitless. Quality is essential. By effective cost and performance criteria we provide a client with exactly what they need.  We supply a comfort level for people in all types of business so they know they can depend on us. Responding quickly to a client’s need is important. This speed of delivery from initial concept to design phases, and then into production, is the company’s goal. Whether it’s small quantities (one pound or less) or up to truckloads and bulk.The company is ready to fill the client’s needs. Products are made to order with a short delivery cycle (2 weeks or less).

We measure our success by the consistency, timeliness, and reliability we deliver to our customers.  HP Polymers offers you the best solution:

 Technology •  Production Capability • Quality • Quickness • Consistency • Flexibility • Reliability