Coating Resins

Our coating resins are specially designed polyesters manufactured for specific end use applications.  A variety of types of polyesters are available depending on a clients needs.  We have either saturated or unsaturated types.  Our current line includes oil modified and oil free polyesters, copolymerized polyesters, water soluble and silicone modified polyesters,  polyurethanes and epoxy esters.  End use applications range from marine, architectural, appliance to textile coatings.  Please contact us for further coating resins information.

We custom manufacture Alkyds, Polyurethanes (type 1), Varnishes and other specialty resins for coating wood, paper, concrete, plastic and metal.

We can toll manufacture products from 500 gallons to tankwagon.

Printing Ink Resins

Our ink resins are compounded resinous binder vehicles for lithographic printing applications.  They are designed to provide high gloss, rapid fast setting and excellent printability.  Some of the products are used as dispersion vehicles, gloss and quickset varnishes, heatset and overprint varnishes.  These are found in the manufacture of sheet fed, web heatset, plastic, moisture set and rubber based inks. End use applications are found in a wide range of packaging and commercial printing ink presses.  Please contact us for further printing ink resins information.